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Booming in May, Bohai Machinery Helped Plastic Rubber and Packaging Industry Expo.


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China (Hebei) Plastic Rubber and Packaging Industry Expo


The breeze is blowing on your face, and May is colorful. China (Hebei) Plastics, Rubber and Packaging Industry Expo was grandly opened in Zhengding International Convention and Exhibition Center in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province on May 7, 2023 with the strong support of the government. Cangzhou Bohai Machinery made its debut with full-automatic positive pressure workstation to help the plastic packaging industry.

High efficiency and energy saving

Save electricity, materials and labor

BH-7080 full-automatic positive pressure workstation


◆Sheet utilization rate is 88%-92%;◆Save electricity by 30% compared with other models;

◆10-25cycle/min;◆Suitable for machine support products.

Next, follow Xiaobian to the scene to see it!


The on-site display of automatic positive pressure workstation attracted many colleagues from all over the country to stop, understand and consult. Through detailed introduction and technical exchange, many users highly affirmed Bohai products and expressed their willingness to establish further cooperation with Bohai.




Bohai machinery sales team enthusiastically and meticulously introduced the product performance advantages and many application cases to users and friends, and the two sides exchanged contact information to lay the foundation for further communication.

The three-day exhibition has ended. In this exhibition, the vacuum suction machine of Bohai Machinery not only gained many cooperation intentions, but also made more like-minded friends. Thanks to the active participation and support of Bohai colleagues, we also want to thank the Plastic Rubber Exhibition for building a bridge between enterprises and industries, so that more people can understand and recognize Bohai products and solutions.

Plastic and rubber exhibition, we will meet again next year!