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The 4th Cangxian Plastic Hollow Products Exhibition in China was grandly opened, and there was an endless stream of people at Cangzhou Bohai Machinery Booth.


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The 4th China Cangxian Plastic Hollow Products Exhibition in 2023.

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On April 5th, 2023, the 4rd China Cangxian Plastic Hollow Products Exhibition officially kicked off in Cangzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. Cangzhou Bohai Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd. participated in the exhibition with a fully automatic negative pressure multi-station molding machine independently developed and designed.


The exhibition was very lively, and there was a constant stream of people at the machinery booth in Bohai. Many visitors were attracted by our products and asked for details, especially praised the production and performance of the workstation, which deepened their understanding of the brand "Cangbo".





Over the past 30 years, Bohai Machinery has always insisted on product design to maximize the interests of users, so that every Bohai user can use cost-effective products.


This exhibition not only enhanced the cooperation depth of existing users, but also developed a number of potential users, laying a good foundation for the all-round development of the plastic suction industry in the future. This exhibition further expanded the influence of Bohai Sea in the plastic industry, and further deepened the understanding of the target market, user needs and the current situation of the industry. I believe that in the future, Bohai Sea's market development in the plastic industry will also ride the wind and waves, and the future is expected.